Your one stop shop for all crawlspace needs!

Here at Crawlspace Restoration we can handle all your crawlspace problems. Rotten, bouncy, or sagging floors and framing are no trouble. Water and drainage, musty smells, mold or mildew, and bugs or termite damage are all things we can handle. Sealing and insulating (encapsulation), and removal of trash and old insulation services are available too.

Our Process:

A crawlspace consultant will come and evaluate your needs and assess the existing conditions of said crawlspace. They will proceed by preparing a report with pictures for you to understand what is going on and will then inform you on what needs to be done.

Benefits of Our Service:

It will increase efficiency and decrease utility bills, prevent greater structural damage, increase lifespan of house and materials, and, most importantly, will increase your air quality and your health!


Service includes: dirt work, downspout placement/extension, and sump pump installation.


Service includes: removing and replacing bad framing, adding new beams and supports as needed

Area Prep

Service includes: removal all trash, debris, old insulation, plastic, etc. Also, raking out al big rocks, piles of dirt, and other debris.

Mold Remediation

Our techs, with the proper personal prtection equipment will set up air circulator, spray all affected surfaces with antimicrobial solution, wipe down and brush surfaces, fog entire crawls space with antimicrobil mist, and finish circulating with fresh air


Service includes: laying heavy mil plastic on entire floor, spraying closed cell spray on all foundation walls, band boards, and in between joists, and sealing all joints in plastic and piers with foam.